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Pro Studio (short for "Hangout Production Studio") was developed to serve the needs of a growing number of content hosts using Hangouts and Hangouts On Air to present their content to the world, or just their circle of friends.

The tools provided are those that, in my experience, are most needed in order to produce a clean show. I've been active in Hangouts with the pros since there were pros, beginning with the first Hangout to be broadcast live in a live newscast (thank you Sarah Hill for leading the way!).

Pro Studio was designed to be beautiful. Okay that's a lie. With apologies to great programmers the world over, I did not set out to make it look good, but to serve a purpose. Honestly I would love to give it a beautiful interface that makes the user feel pretty and special, I just happen to lack that skill-set (look at this website, for instance). I imagine that the features will change over the first few weeks based on the comments and suggestions that the kind people of the interwebs are encouraged to offer... so too will the interface.

Let's take a look at what we have now, shall we?

Host/Producer Tools View
Pro Studio Interface for Host/Producers with 'Tools' section Selected
Host/Producer Topic View
Pro Studio Interface for Host/Producers with 'Topics' section Selected
Participant View
Pro Studio Interface for NON-Host/Producer participants

To learn more about how to use Pro Studio, go on the Documentation.

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